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Become a Boulder Designs Franchise Owner

The Boulder Designs franchise business gives you the opportunity to design and sell decorative boulders to customers from many sectors. Your customer base includes residential, commercial businesses, farms and ranches, high schools, non-profits, golf courses, and memorials just to name a few. With virtually no competition, a Boulder Designs franchise not only builds, delivers and installs custom boulders, you also have additional products to complement and enhance your Boulder business: Fire pits, mailboxes and pillars, flagpole bases, and benches to name a few. Our corporate team provides a turnkey operation — one week of training, ongoing support system, robust website, social media setup and training, the monthly newsletter of tips and ideas, and an annual franchise meeting to share ideas with other franchisees. Our brand is strong — we’ve ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 for years.

Owning a Boulder Designs franchise will rock your world, in a very positive way!



Our Story

Boulder Designs was founded in Rantoul, Illinois as a complementary business to our sister company, Border Magic, a landscape curbing company, which was founded in 1992. When the weather in the Midwest turned cold each season, all landscape work came to a halt. This meant many Border Magic franchise owners were without work for several months. Boulder Designs was born to fill the gap caused by the cold months, and what a hot, year-round business Boulder Designs is today. Boulder Designs franchise owners offer boulders of all sizes, shapes and colors that looks like the beauty of stone.

Franchise veteran Butch Mogavero is CEO of Boulder Designs and Border Magic. In 2015, Mogavero purchased the two companies from Eldean Bergman, the founder of Boulder Designs and Border Magic. The same year Mogavero moved Boulder Designs and Border Magic corporate headquarters from Rantoul to Waco, Texas. Mogavero’s franchise experience includes owning and building a successful landscaping company that he owned and operated. He also worked for one of the world’s premier service franchise companies in franchise sales and development where he sold many franchise units and assisted in developing one of their franchise businesses into a robust national brand.

Boulder Designs has and continues to evolve into a creative opportunity for people looking to manage and run their own business. In the first six months of 2017, Boulder Designs and Border Magic have seen a record increase of over 25 percent in new franchise agreements.  As of mid-March 2018, we have 130 Boulder Designs’ units, and our sister company, Border Magic, has 58 units across the United States.

We are focusing on continued growth and expansion of our franchise base. Our goal is to build a premier franchise company, while providing you unlimited opportunities.

Becoming a Boulder Designs Franchisee

Being a Boulder Designs Franchisee gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you would like with multiple types of products to sell. From a franchising perspective, we are the only franchise that creates beautiful monuments and boulder signage. What does this mean to you? It means that you have an opportunity to buy into a business with significant growth potential.

While other companies create synthetic boulders using an eggshell type process such as chicken wire or Styrofoam, Boulder Designs constructs boulders out of specially enhanced concrete that is 100% solid, giving it the characteristics of a real boulder and the strength to last a lifetime. We are the only company and the only franchise system that offers this type of product. From commercial business signage boulders, benches, and monuments, to directional signage, planters, mailboxes, water features, and address boulders, Boulder Designs has a diverse product lineup that attracts attention and can turn any business into a landmark.

Sound pretty exciting, so far? We’re glad you’re diving in and determining if this opportunity is right for you. Ensuring that a Boulder Designs franchise is the right fit for you and your business goals is paramount. As you will see, owning a Boulder Designs franchise is very family oriented and allows owners to run their business from home. As a Boulder Designs franchisee you will have the opportunity to join a company that has been recognized in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

What’s it Like to be a Boulder Designs Franchise Owner?

Roy and Carri D. are not only a husband and wife team, but their children are also involved in their Boulder Designs business. “Working as a family brings you closer as a family,” says Carri. Roy and Carri have interests in multiple businesses and are always on the lookout for a new business opportunity. They attended an Expo in Dallas where Boulder Design had a booth. Roy turned to Carri and said, “I don’t think we hit the back corner and it was the last thing we saw.” Upon seeing the Boulder Design booth, Carri was immediately drawn to the fire pit and Roy saw an “awesome” business opportunity. Their children are the creative ones-three work in the business while the youngest is a senior in high school. “It’s just a great business for families, and for me, I feel like these guys (corporate) are already like our family, “ says Roy. “Everyone is so down to earth, and they are terrific people.”

Customer Base

Our franchise owners sell our products to both residential and commercial customers. Customized boulders are used as house number and welcome signs to enhance a front yard, and even as a pet memorial to honor your special pet. Many commercial customers add their logo to a boulder for business signage. Your customers want to bring decorative enhancements as well as value to their property. As a Boulder Design franchisee, you have the ability to do this and so much more.


Boulder Designs has great focus on a wide variety of customers, and your core base is the residential prospect. The residential customer has options not only with signage, water feature or plant boulders, but they can also choose from a variety complementary products such as custom mailboxes and pillars, fire pits, and custom benches. The creative working relationship with your customers will be a rewarding experience and bring opportunities to expand your customer base.


One of the distinctions of being a Boulder Designs franchisee is the versatility of product you offer to a commercial property client. Often, a boulder/monument sign is easier to permit with the local government than pole signs. Further, you can offer memorial boulders, custom landscape boulders, and custom benches. Client opportunities can originate from business owners, architects, property management companies, and real estate investment trusts (REIT).


Boulder Designs has protected territories. Boulder Designs has experienced rapid franchise growth, with many prime territories available to franchise candidates.  Franchise candidates also have the opportunity to own multiple Franchises not only with Boulder Designs but with our sister company Border Magic. We also provide incentives to veterans and discounts for multiple franchise owners.

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